Modern chic and bohemian inspired, small-batch handcrafted statement jewelry Made With Love in Campbell, California, USA

Hi! I'm Sabrina! I am the one-woman show behind briveeboutique. I enjoy sharing my unique and high-quality creations with you and always aim to provide my best quality of work in each pair, made with love. 

All pieces are handcrafted in small-batches and made with polymer clay, which is extremely lightweight making it perfect for everyday wear! briveeboutique jewelry is made with high-quality material and always hypoallergenic.  

Crafted with love and as imperfectly perfect as much as possible, each piece is a unique, one-of-a-kind beauty, just like you! Because each piece is handcrafted and no two pieces are the same, pieces may have slight variations or small imperfections (such as little bubbles, markings, etc.) 

Completely handcrafted, there is a lot of love that goes into each piece. First, styles are sketched and designed. Materials are then researched and sourced to ensure high-quality material. Each design is then prototyped for testing and perfecting. Once I am completely in love with my design, I hand-mix all my colors, hand-cut, bake, sand, buff, drill, assemble, package with my own printed materials, photograph, list, and market. Once purchased, I hand-wrap each item and ship out to their forever homes. Thank you for supporting me and shopping small! 

briveeboutique first debuted selling handcrafted candles and handcrafted sugar scrubs. Yup! You heard that right. In 2017, I made my family and friends handcrafted candles and sugar scrubs for Christmas. They absolutely loved them, shared with their family and friends, and I begun to receive requests and orders. To make the ordering process smooth and to share with more people that may love my creations, I decided to open I had many different scents for my candles and I loved every bit of it. Unfortunately, I decided to take a hiatus on my shop due to personal reasons. 

So how did I go from candles and sugar scrubs to clay jewelry? Well, I LOVE earrings. I am an earrings girl but I wasn't 100% in love with the ones I used to buy. I would always want to change a small thing here and there to make it more ME, or if I loved everything about the design, they would be so heavy that I didn't want to wear them and stretch out my earlobes. So, as a huge arts and crafts lover, I decided to make and design my own earrings that are light and comfortable, but also beautiful. Who says "beauty is pain" ?! - proving them wrong! ;-)

I received a lot of compliments on my earrings and decided to reopen to focus solely on crafting my jewelry creations and share with you all. Creating jewelry, each piece made from hand, is a labor of love and a long, patient process, just like anything handcrafted. My family has been SO supportive in my clay line and I couldn't have done it without each of them. I appreciate you following along on this journey and I hope you find your perfect pair! Thank you for supporting me and shopping small!

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Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, concerns or feedback! :-)


Made With Love in Campbell, California, USA