Days that are scheduled solely for admin work is a MUST in your small business!

My hope for this post is for others to use it as an inspiration or as a resource for their own businesses.

While I love making earrings and the creation side of, I love the admin side just as much. 🤍 This is the other side of the business that is 

JUST AS IMPORTANT as the products that you sell and often overlooked!

(Especially when pricing out your handmade products ~ it’s not just about the materials but also the entire amount of your time spent)


On my admin days, I use this time to get organized -

  • 📝 prioritize my to-dos and make lists
  • 📝 plan my day, week, month (or make adjustments in my planner according to everchanging changes) 
  • 📝 schedule timelines for new product releases
  • 📝 marketing, marketing, and more marketing
  • 📝 financials (it's so important to keep track of financials on a daily basis but always have a weekly overview!)
  • 📝 overview/summary of the past week's reports - such as transactions, orders, traffic stats, etc
  • 📝 check on orders
  • 📝 check/order inventory of all supplies (don’t forget your shipping supplies!)
  • 📝 print materials (I print my own marketing materials, earrings display cards, etc., and preparing the cards on my admin days makes it a whole lot easier when finishing up earrings, packaging orders, etc.!)
  • 📝 respond to customers
  • 📝 source for new materials
  • 📝 come up with new ideas, designs, and so much more!

It’s endless! Where to start? The only way to start is to sit down and start prioritizing! 📝 think of all aspects of your business, write it all down, and go from there 🔎 it’s helpful to have planners or list pads specifically for your business. My sister got me the pink list pad on the right and I absolutely love it!

How Often? How often should you have admin days? It all depends on your business and what your focus is! How fast-paced is your business? What is your ultimate goal? What are you trying to achieve?

Whether you are a small business owner, just starting out, or none of the above and just trying to learn new tips on prioritizing life, the above tips will help you in achieving your goal!

What not to do? Product Photography. This not only deserves its own day, but it also takes all day! 😅 I also try not to package orders on my administrative days, however, sometimes it's just inevitable. Packaging orders should have its own day or done on a daily basis to gain ultimate customer satisfaction with fast shipping, and again - it all depends on your business and what your focus is! 

Not only will your Small Business Routine be much more organized, but you will also FEEL more organized, prepared, and stress-free which allows your mind to focus on being creative on your creation days!

Makers & Small Businesses - What do your admin days look like? Let me know in the comments below!

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